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Load Out of Vacuum Column for BP’s Refinery in Spain 2017-06-23

Morimatsu was shipping out one of its remarkable products to a European refinery which will commence its turn-around project in this July. It is a Vacuum Distillation Column for BP's Castellon Refining operation which was also run by Exxon Mobil once. Thus this order requires fabricator's compliance with both companies' specifications (GIS and GP), engineering contractor's requirements (Technip and AMEC Foster Wheeler) as well as Code resorts. It is the first time for fabrication shops in China to have applied PAUT (Phase-Array UT) plus TOFD for welds' integrity check.

The huge column (ID: 9,100mm, 7,000) was fully dressed with insulation prior to its departure from Shop, which would save significant cost and time for job site. It is the third Vacuum Column that Morimatsu has provided for European refining projects.



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